Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To help people in personal and professional transitions discover their way forward to a life of authenticity, empowerment, fulfillment and joy by providing individual and group sessions.

I like the words “find their way forward”. They say life is a journey and not a destination. But sometimes we find ourselves stuck in one place or on the wrong road. Discovering Your Way is about helping you get unstuck, finding the right path, and living the life you want.


That all peoples, from all nations will be released from their fear and limitations and be able to realize their potential and live authentic and empowered lives.

I’m told that a vision needs to be big. It needs to be something that seems unobtainable, but still something you really want for the world. That is a pretty big vision.

But, I must say that the thought of being able to do this for others, in even the smallest ways, fills me with tears of gratitude. I am so grateful for the amazing people who have helped me on my path as I fought for freedom from my limitations and fears.

I want the honor of walking beside you and supporting your journey to help you discover your potential and live an authentic and empowered life.