Training Demonstrations

Free Demonstrations for Group Leaders:
Leadership Development & Team Building

Are you tired of doing the same kind of training that doesn’t seem to create change? Are looking for something unique, yet effective, to build strong teams and develop leaders?


Join us for a unique complementary demonstration of an equine facilitated learning corporate demo. Find out if this is something you would like to initiate for your business or team.

The horse provides honest, un-biased, in-the-moment feedback to you as a leader and team member that you won’t get from a classroom setting.  In their feedback, the horses become your master teachers in the quest to be more present, integrated, congruent, and authentic leaders.

This is a hands-on experience working on the ground with horses and no previous experience is required.  Please dress comfortably and wear boots or tennis shoes.

Next demonstration event

Atlanta, Georgia area
Saturday October 15, 2016
1-3 pm


WildeWood Farm
9533 Old Preserve Trail
Ball Ground, GA 30107


No Charge: Includes 2-hour EFLC learning experience with horses & materials.


Use the form below, or call Karen Kendrick at 212-300-7783, or email her:


Karen Kendrick, Founding Partner of Discovering Your Way, has a Masters in counseling, 20 years of corporate facilitation experience, and a certification in Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching & E3A Corporate Training.

Hannah Campbell, Owner of WildeWood Farm, Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, 20 years as horse trainer and lifetime of loving and working with horses.