Trainings: How they work

How It Works

Are you tired of doing the same training and not getting the results you need and want? Are you looking for something unique, yet effective, to develop leaders and build strong teams? The Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching model helps you learn by participating in experiential education activities with horses.

And we find a ranch in your location, and come to you, wherever you may be in the country or world for your leaders and teams to have this experience. DYW works extensively across the country, but if you are looking for a winter get away, bringing your staff to our base in Naples FL is also a great option.

You are working with horses, but no riding occurs, nor is any horsemanship experience necessary. If you have participants who are apprehensive, or even downright fearful of horses, we work with them to make this a safe learning environment.

Your training day is filled with experiential activities with horses. And these training activities are set up to relate directly to your present leadership opportunities, so the learning is directly applicable back to your workplace. You will engage with the horses in ways that provide feedback to you individually as well as how you interact in a team setting.

Once you have completed an exercise, you then process what happened, your discoveries, what behaviors and beliefs contributed to the experience, and what actions you want to take back to work as a result.

Just as horses can finely tune into their environment, they will tune into you and your team and “read” what is going on with you and respond immediately. Without judgment or agenda, the horse may choose to move away, not move, connect with you, walk with you, or ignore you completely and provide a changing mirror of how you are leading moment by moment.

Horses provide honest un-biased in the moment feedback to you as a leader and team member. With a horse you can’t hide your true feelings, finesse your way through, bully your way around, or hope they will just do what you say because you are nice to them. Horses ask us to step up and be congruent, present, clear, and authentic leaders and teams.


What outcomes can we expect from training on leadership Development and Team Building?

You will develop leadership skills to become more….

  • Self-aware: How your feelings, body language, thoughts, and actions impact those you lead.
  • Aware of others: How to quickly tune in to individuals and groups and respond effectively.
  • Intuitive: How to gain quick access to creativity, ideas, and effective responses.
  • Trustworthy: How to become more authentic, congruent and have people trust you as a leader.
  • Respect: How to build respect for you and between team members through creating a culture that honors the strengths of all.
  • Connection: You realize that your actions affect the whole, so you make decisions with the bigger picture in mind.
  • Action-Oriented: How timely and appropriate action springs from awareness of self and others and to take that action.
  • Tools: Practices that give you an in-the-moment quick ways to check in as a leader to become more self- and other-aware.

Team Building

Whether you are a team leader or a member of a team, you will benefit. We help you build strong teams to…

  • Know how to identify and integrate team member strengths for the best outcome.
  • Create an environment where team members are authentic and own responsibility for their actions.
  • Be team members who are creative, strategic, and a people of action.
  • Develop a high level of emotional intelligence and collaborative ability with your team.
  • Build trust with team members.

Customized Training & Speaking is facilitated by certified instructor, Karen Kendrick, Founding Partner of Discovering Your Way. Contact her at 212-300-7783 or The first step is to contact us to discuss what you would like to accomplish.